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Curriculum Vitae

Born 29.3. 1977 in Ceska Lipa / Czech republic. In 1991 he started attending Vocational school of glass-making in Novy Bor with the specialisation in glass cutting and glass design under the leadership of Mr. Dvorak. After finishing his studies in 1994 he started working in a glass factory Zahn as a glass cutter, and he worked there for 3 years. This factory was closed in 1997 and was moved to Crystalex in NB. There Ales worked for a short period of time as a glass cutter as well as the head of the team – and at that time he was also cutting glass in an atelier under the leadership of Petr Sinka in Lindava.

After hand-operated production was finished in Crystalex in 1998, Ales was relegated to glass-checking and packing. He knew that this could not be his end and he realized what glass-making meant to him. That was when his artistic talent started to show and he worked on his style. He extended his work in an atelier Species as a glass-cutter and a glass-designer and he set up his own company called: Ales Zverina – glass cutter and designer, and he registered his brand as „AZ”. In 2000 he moved to the atelier Astera, where he concentrated on studio glass cutting. In 2001 he worked in a glass company Osecek as the head glass cutter.

Studio AZ-design

He sets up his own studio named Ales Zverina in 2003 in the area of former mechanical engineering premises ZPA in cooperation with Vaclav Prokupek. Ales starts realizing his plans, dreams, artistic ideas and artistic craft skill. In 2007 he sets up with his present wife a painting studio, which he is continually extending. In 2010 he makes his studio bigger and he forms his working width and he leads his own team. His plans for the future are setting up another studio specialized in studio glass cutting and exhibition and sales gallery. His attempt is maintaining and extending the Czech glass tradition.

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