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13th International Glass Symposium – “IGS

October 4 – 7, 2018 Nový Bor, Czech Republic

The International Glass Symposium ,,IGS” was first held in 1982. „IGS” invites top artists and designers from all over the world to realize their ideas with the assistance of local glass makers.
Once every three years, they get together and work in the hot and cold workshops together with the glass makers, before amateur and professional public, to demonstrate their art.

The International Glass Symposium became a world unique and prestigious event, a meeting place and a symbol of creativity and of new possibilities in the world of glass.
Barbara Nanning: “I will work at AZ Design Studio, Egermanna 322, Nový Bor.”

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September 14 – 30, 2018

Homo Faber – Crafting a more human future

Fondazione Giorgio Cini
San Giorgio Maggiore Island
Venice – Italy

The exhibition will be organized by Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, international non-profit institution based in Geneva.
The section Best European Craftmanship (Sala degli Arazzi), that will showcase extraordinary, contemporary objects made by some of the best European artisans-artists, who crafts their objects entirely by themselves.
The space is designed by architect Stefano Boeri.
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TrialGP –FIM Trial World Championship 2017

We were graced with the possibility to create exclusive trophies for the Trial World Championship (altogether 4 categories of the competition: TrialGP, Trial2, TrialGP women and Trial2 women) that took place in Sokolov in the Czech Republic on September 9th and 10th 2017. You can find more information about the championship on Facebook page TrialGP as well as on our Facebook profile.
We were pleased by the nice thank you and pictures sent to us by Ing. Šárka Šafnerová: We would like to thank you for such beautiful trophies for our Trial World Championship that was hosted by Sokolov this weekend. Wonderful processing, design, packaging and great communication…everything worked perfectly.


Barbara Nanning back at AZ-design studio / 2017

The acknowledged Dutch designer Barbara Nanning visited again our AZ-design studio in Nový Bor in order to finalize the art glass with grinding, sanding and gilding. You can check out Barbara Nanning’s production on her website at where you can also find other information about exhibitions organized around the world.
Presentation of finished products from this year’s collection (presented with B. Nanning’s permission).

MAX Award 2016

The award’s ceremony MAX Award 2016 took place August 24th 2017 during the ceremonious closure of UPC Max Movie Theater. More info along with the video coverage can be found on our Facebook page.

Melting of glass by wood Deštné in Orlické Mountains 2017

This year during the first weekend in August the Melting of glass by wood was organized by municipality Deštné in Orlické Mountains and the Museum of winter sports, tourism and crafts along with the help of glass-makers and glass-melters from Nový Bor and hobbyists that help to keep this glass tradition going. Aleš Zvěřina & studio AZ-Design Company has participated with the presentation of cutting and glass painting with the inclusion of sale of the glass products.
Already 26th annual volume took place in Deštné in Orlické Mountains between August 4th and August 6th 2017 at the Museum of winter sports, tourism and crafts’ garden. Nobody is able to imagine summer without this traditional and popular event which involves also a competition in melting of glass by wood. There are many attendants every year and many came even this year. Visitors to the event were able to see the technology of glass forming in kiln of Saint Maria Magdalena which is heated up by wood – this technique is nowhere else to be seen.

The crafts related to glass were presented during this event – crafts such as glass grinding, glass painting, glass etching, glass engraving, glass wiring, glass beads, spooling of pearls, priming on a glass, making of glass figures and decorations as well as Tiffany products and glass vitrage. The regional producers with their well-known products and handcrafted shop floors were not missing at that event either. Visitors were able to try blowing the whistle and come off with self-made blown marble; they also could buy beautiful glass products such as jars, glasses, cups or jewelry. At the end of the event was annual auction of glass products.


Invitation to the exhibition “Unusual Beauty of Glass”

We would like to kindly invite you to the City Muzeum in Dvůr Králové to an exhibition of exclusive designed glass manufactured by Aleš and Zlata Zvěřinovi. The exhibition starts on July 1st 2017 and continued throughout the summer – till August 27th 2017. Come to see and be taken away by the fairy beauty of the Czech glass.

30th June 2017 – a few photos from the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Unusual Beauty of Glass”

Grail of the city Nový Bor


Glass cutters competition 2017, Světlá nad Sázavou – echoes from the Symposium

One look at the finished glass vase with its sparkle, brightness and lightness leaves totally in the background reality of the laboriousness and difficulty of producing every detail. Each drop of sweat of the artist is rewarded with the pleasure of a wonderful piece of work when, during the whole work day, an exclusive glass piece is produced. In documentary photographs (by Marika Machkova) from the symposium, the grinder and designer Aleš Zvěřina and his wife Zlata Zvěřinová assisting.

(All photos of this gallery by photographer Marika Machek, all rights reserved)

Symposium – Competition of Glass Cutters 2017, Světlá nad Sázavou

The traditional Symposium / Competition of Glass Cutters was hosted by Bohemia Machine glass factory in Světlá nad Sázavou on June 2nd and 3rd 2017.
We participated at the competition by creating two exclusive vases – one technically challenging “The mummy” in the sturdy shape category and optically playful vase “Neptune” in the free creation category. We are pleased we were able to participate at the competition with excellent atmosphere and contribute to Czech glass by our set-piece as we live for the Czech glass day and night.

Air Breath trophies for XVIII. International competition of large brass instruments 2017

Competitions of large brass instruments that are organized in regular two years cycles in Ostrava since 1981 have a long-lasting tradition with high artistic level. As every year, even this year, AZ design studio created trophies for this festival. They are made with challenging technique in combination with flashed and stacked glass with the calligraphy of the designer and glass cutter Aleš Zvěřina. The externalization of a trumpet with lines (stave) with challenging cutting continued with sand-blasting of other musical motives such as notes and musical signs. The overall originality of this project is both, typical and symbolical for this music festival.

Mobile workshop in Esplanade hotel in Marianské Lázně

On Saturday May 13th 2017 we were presenting cutting of glass and glass painting at a private event /wellness weekend with entertainment/. This presentation was connected with selling of out exclusive pieces from our production. The atmosphere was fantastic and the interest of people to try to cut glass or glass paint under the open sky was quite large.

Participation at the HOTELEX Shanghai 2017 fair

We participated at the HOTELEX Shanghai and EXPO FINEFOOD 2017 fair that took place in Pudong exhibition ground between the dates March 28th and 31st 2017. This fair belongs to one of the most important, largest and most attended exhibition in China. It is focused not only on interior design such as glass and furniture but also on hospitality. Our company Ales Zverina & studio AZ-Design took an advantage of this unique opportunity to introduce its excellent products at large and still growing market. This year’s 26th annual exhibition filled the whole Pudong exhibition ground. The attendants we able to see just a small part of our production and their interest was really high.

Production of exclusive vases

We are bringing you few videos from the final production of custom vases which are decorated with combination of cut decor, sand-blasting, gilding, glass painting, glossy and dimly gilding and lustre technique.

Glass blowing – vase/cup from the new Royal assortment

We are letting you to see “under our hands” and are bringing you few pictures from our production, now from metallurgic production of semi-product “king’s vase/cup” which will be part of the Royal Romantic collection. It will be also ennobled as an original exclusive piece with combination of different painting techniques, glass cutting, sand-blasting and gilding.


Acknowledgment for sponsorship

“I would like to thank you once again in the name of Glass museum Novy Bor for the sponsorship gives to us during the Christmas program at the museum – this year with the theme “Glass fairytale”. This program, organized from December 10th to December 16th 2016, has been attended by, more or less, 800 people. Most of those attendants were children from the grammar schools and kindergartens from Novy Bor area.” Mgr. Tereza Bednarova, curator – Glass museum Novy Bor.

h2.Glass night / November 11th 2016 Novy Bor

Today, on November 11th 2016, the Glass College and high school Novy Bor (which we attended as students in our youth) hosted ninth Glass night. We were invited to join this event and present glass cutting and glass painting there. People were able to see sections of our work. The whole event was excellent, it is great that people can appreciate such a challenging craft and are able to try many of the manufacturing techniques used while working with the glass. Me and my husband, we both are excited about the number of visitors that joined this event not only from Novy Bor but from the whole Czech Republic. We would like to thank everyone who dedicates part of their live to this craft and works on its development. Greetings to all from Ales and Zlata Zverinovi.

Glass logo LEXUS

Aleš Zvěřina created, for representative purpose, a logo for LEXUS Company which is located in Azerbaijan. It is again a combination of a free-blown glass (the base) and a clear float glass (the logo) with cutting and sand-blasted and gilded sign.

Opening of a new sell-by gallery in Prague

Artěl glass has been opened on October 6th 2016 in Platnerska 7, Prague 1. The owner, Karen Feldman, presented there a new designed glass collection from the AZ-design studio where Ales Zverina designed and cut this glass. Ales Zverina & AZ-design studio there also presented brand new exclusive collection: Black and White.

Exhibition ART FESTIVAL / Lysá nad Labem, September 9th – 11th 2016

1st exhibition of history of glass, ceramic and porcelain at Exhibition Ground Lysá nad Labem took place between September 9th and September 11th 2016. Aleš Zvěřina & glass studio AZ-design presented its production there. Parts of the installation presented there were cutting machines and examples of glass cutting. All the guests could try themselves the glass cutting and had the opportunity to buy any product from our exclusive selection of cut, sand-blasted and painted glass.

Artistic glass of Barbara Nanning for 2016

During December 2015, we traditionally like for many years cooperated with Dutch artist Barbara Nanning. You can see her collection for 2016 on her web site –


Millefiori – glass artwork of Barbara Nanning

In November 2014, we again collaborated with Dutch artist Barbara Nanning, who approached us with a new project “Millefiori – Firebirds”. The final composition can be seen on Artgenéve 2015 / Switzerland, Geneva / –, but also on the website of the artist Ms. Barbara Nanning –

With Ms. Barbara we have been working for several years, so this project was another pleasant challenge in our long cooperation of many years.

Ajetofest 2014

Our studio was addressed by Mr. Sobotka from the company AJETO to participate in glass festivities of the 4th year of AJETOFEST 2014. Demonstrations of traditional cutting and glass painting.

Mayor of Mladá Boleslav Cup 2014

On the 16. and 17. 8. 2014 was the competition in glider acrobatics “MAYOR of Mlada Boleslav CUP 2014“. On this occasion were made in the glass studio AZ design trophies for the winners.

NOVOBORSKÝ Glass Festival / MEET CZECH DESIGN / 13. – 14. 6. 2014

Transmission of the renovated stone-cutting machines from the 30’s called. “Storks”. We had the opportunity to purchase these machines from master Mr. Švarc of Svetla nad Sazavou, we were honored to meet him. At this time, Mr. Švarc is 93 years old. On these machines there was made the heaviest engraving in the world named “Flood”, the artwork took throughout the whole year and there is no copy, there is just this only one original in the world. These machines were reconstructed, because they were in an unusable state. Their reconstruction lasted for almost two months. On 13. 6. 2014 these reconstructed machines were inaugurated and demonstrated to the general public at the glass festivities in Nový Bor. Our goal is to support Czech glassmaking, especially cutting and design in glass.

XVI International Competition of Large Wind Orchestras in Ostrava 2013

7th – 8th June 2013 at the House of Culture of the City of Ostrava, a.s., Ostrava, Czech Republic
(A couple of documentaries from the production trophies and the final version)

Finishing of the 10th year MFOF

Handing over the prophy for the lifelong handicraft to Jiri Kralicek while finishing the 10th year of MFOF

The Glass way

Open days 6.-7.10.2012 within the XI.IGS

logo IGS Novy Bor 6.10. 2012 it was possible for the public to visit open days – „The Glass way“ within the action IGS 2012 Novy Bor. The visitors of The Glass way had the possibility to visit glass companies, studios and ateliers, which form glass-making craft production, and thus have a look at the operation of the glass company of Ales Zverina and Vaclav Prokupek, to get to know new information about glass-making trade and last but not least marvel at finished products, which we send off to the whole world. The program was entertaining also for children, who had the possibility to try glass cutting under the leadership of expert glass cutters. Well, there was a lot to see and do :-)

Ales Zverina in the centre of attention

Focused on glass ;-)

A walk with the objective lens during the action…


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