Optics game

The Dragon collection is one of our most successful collections, the main role here is played by the optical effect, which creates a unique deep-cut decor.

The decor can be applied to a wide range of shapes of glass products that our company offers. The product can be created in various color variants.

Design by: Ales Zverina

Vase 24 cm Fuchsia
  • Bowl 355 Smoke
  • Vase 255 Ocean
  • Tumbler 310 ml Amber
  • Tumbler 310 ml Fuchsia
  • Tumbler 310 ml Golden Rose
  • Tumbler 310 ml Aquamarine
  • Tumbler 310 ml Oceanit
  • Tumbler 310 ml Purple
  • Tumbler 310 ml Black
  • Dragon MATT
  • Dragon SHINE