Exclusive products

Exclusive products that bring with them uniqueness, luxury and their design is highly artistic ..

Our unique exclusive products are made mainly in several pieces and have primarily an artistic character, they are designed not only for art lovers, but for a wide range of people admiring the unique pieces, complementing their interiors.

Design by:
Zlata Zverinova
Alena Dvorakova
Ales Zverina

globus 1200
  • 89021-970 Pineapple
  • Gral
  • Octopus 40 - 45 cm
  • All Star vase 30 cm
  • King fountain 70 cm
  • Horizontal limit vase 55 cm
  • Rocking Daisy vase 55 cm - Amethyst
  • Vase 120 cm
  • Phoenix