Limited editions

A special collection full of various shapes and decors made in limited quantities.

We offer you a limited quantity of quality glass products that will captivate you with their design, originality and uniqueness.

The limited edition collections are intended for a wide range of customers, and everyone can choose from a variety of decors and product shapes.

Design by: Ales Zverina

koule katalog 296B
  • Tree of Life
  • Octopus 18 - 22 cm
              28 - 32 cm
  • Chess glasses 240 ml
  • Dragon cup 50 cm Golden Rose
  • Dolphin bud vases 20 cm - Dark blue
  • CH 16 2020 (a) 22x18x19 1200
  • CH 12 2020 (a) 23x23x24 1200