Cashmere Classic

Beauty ornament

Under the hands of our most skilled glass masters, a cut and decorated with gold or platinum decorated Cashmere Klasik pattern is created, which is a reflection of luxuriously processed and thoughtful decor.

The cut is complemented by an ornamental sandblasted relief decor, which will bring a touch of luxury and especially the Far East into the entire design thanks to its decorative curves. The grinding is performed on the received raw material, and when sanding the decor itself, the colored raw material is ground down to the crystal glass and a unique effect of an unprecedented and unique character is created. This decor is a successful novelty in our market. We offer Cahmere Klasik in four color variants. The individual colors reflect a certain story and each of them carries its own symbolism.

The colors were chosen in this collection to correspond to the connection of the four elements.

The decor can be applied to a wide range of shapes of glass products that our company offers.

Design by: Aleš Zvěřina

cashmere red titulka