Daisy PK Horizont

Inspired by classicism

Under the hands of our most skilled glass masters, the cut and decorated with gold or platinum Daisy Horizont PK500 is created.

As with the previous Daisy decor, this decor reflects the simplicity and purity of classicist beauty in France in the second half of the seventeenth century. The decor was inspired mainly by classicist architecture, which carries with it elements of Antiquity and, as in this artistic direction, sandblasted floral elements appear in our decor, which are enriched with rich cut, which brings with it beauty, decoration, but also purity of that artistic direction.

The decor can be applied to a wide range of shapes of glass products that our company offers.

Design by: Aleš Zvěřina

daisy pk titulka
  • FTD-60552/405/DHP