Felicie Line

Richness of cutting

Under the hands of our most skilled glass masters, a cut and decorated with gold or platinum Felicie Line pattern is created, which is a reflection of a luxuriously crafted and thoughtful decor.

This design has been designed to have a rich, deep cut that luminescence and the entire cut is played with a shimmer of reflected light. Elements of contemporary modern design are clear here and will perfectly complement modern interiors and homes.

The decor can be applied to a wide range of shapes of glass products that our company offers.

Design by: Aleš Zvěřina

felicie line titulka
  • 4C081-080
  • 660-477-300
  • 31A34-1200
  • 20001-L350
  • 12116-V060
  • 12116-LV220 
  • 12116-F150
  • 12116-B380