Pineapple Line

Fruit flavor

Under the hands of our most skilled glass masters, the cut and decorated with gold or platinum Pineapple Line pattern is created, which is a reflection of luxuriously processed and thoughtful decor.

The Pineapple Line collection is a collection reminiscent of the cut and character of the arrangement of slices of exotic fruit, which is pineapple. The design evokes an atmosphere of exoticism, which is also complemented by a fine line of gold or platinum rim, which underlines the beauty of deep grinding, which is at the top level.

The decor can be applied to a wide range of shapes of glass products that our company offers.

Design by: Aleš Zvěřina

pineapple line titulka
  • Ananas line 05
  • LV vodka 60ml
  • LV wine 170ml
  • LV wine 220ml
  • LV flute 150ml
  • whisky 320ml
  • brandy 250ml